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This is a disease awareness website produced by UCB and is intended for a UK and Ireland audience.

Start the Conversation

Receiving a diagnosis of a chronic inflammatory disease can be a difficult time and can give rise to many questions: What happens if I’m struggling at work? How do I stay positive? Will I be able to have children?

These are some of the common worries that women experience when they learn about their rheumatic condition. Unfortunately, these questions often go unasked, resulting in feelings of uncertainty or even anxiety. But it does not have to be this way.

‘Start the Conversation’ is a campaign designed for women, by women, to help you gather and organise your thoughts around key topics that may be on your mind, and support you in getting the information you need.

We want you to have the confidence to talk to your healthcare team about any topic that’s important to you. Are you ready to Start the Conversation about…

Start the conversation work

When you are at an appointment, it’s easy to forget to ask the questions that have been on your mind. Or you may feel that the burning questions about your future are not an immediate priority, and you don’t want to take up your healthcare team’s time unnecessarily.

Emotional Impact

But every question is important and asking questions early in your journey with your condition can help you to feel more at ease and plan for the future. Your healthcare team is there to support you, and for them to do that in the best way, they need to understand how you’re feeling and your hopes for the future.

Social Life

We’ve created a guide to help you feel more confident to Start the Conversation with your healthcare team on the things which matter most to you.

The Discussion GuidePDF

Start the Conversation Discussion Guide

Use this guide to prepare for your next appointment and keep a record of any notes, thoughts or feelings.


Support Groups


There are several support groups in the UK and Ireland for people living with chronic inflammatory conditions. These groups are a great source of information, with many offering access to a patient community where you can hear from - or speak to - others living with a similar condition. Receiving support from people going through a similar experience can help you feel less alone and better understood.

Patient Organisations and Resources

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