Frequently asked questions

What is UCBCares?

UCBCares is a service providing information available on the web or by contacting UCBCares by phone or e-mail on specific diseases and their treatment. This includes information for the general public and specific information if you are a patient taking a UCB product.

What does UCBCares offer?

Medical information on different diseases in which UCB has treatments as well as all the medicines that UCB has made available to patients. This includes information for the general public and specific information for patients using a UCB medication.

How does UCBCares help patients and healthcare professionals?

UCBCares offers patients and healthcare professionals services through:

  • Web portals with information about specific diseases and treatments,
  • A personalised service by a team of professionals willing to serve users by phone and / or email.

How can you contact UCBCares?

From UK: 0800 279 3177
From Ireland: 1800 93 00 75


When can I contact UCBCares?

The UCBCares team of professionals can be contacted at any time of the day. The team is available from 09:00 to 17:00 continuously, from Monday to Friday.

Outside of these hours, the service is managed by a trusted vendor

Can I report side effects or adverse event information through UCBCares?

To report an adverse event or product complaint, please contact UCBCares using the contact details mentioned above.

You may also report adverse events:

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