Topical Treatment for Psoriasis

Emollients or cream

Topical treatments

This type of medicine is usually the first option doctors will offer you. They help to slow the excessive skin growth and lessen the inflammation you experience. Some treatments may show an improvement quickly, while others may take a few weeks to have an effect.

Emollients (moisturisers)

These creams are rubbed directly on your psoriasis to lock in moisture and create a protective layer. They are often offered for mild psoriasis and aim to stop the itching and scaling. Other creams or ointments can be used with emollients, but it is best to wait 30 minutes before applying another treatment on top. Some emollients contain flammable ingredients that can catch fire easily. Be careful near naked flames or when smoking to avoid clothes, hair or bedding catching alight.

Treatments for scalp psoriasis

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