Injecting a Biologic Medication

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Biologics Video

A biologic medicine is given via an injection under the skin or into the blood.

Biological therapies are only given to people who have already tried other treatments appropriate to their condition and not responded well to them.

Watch this video for practical hints and tips from a specialist nurse and patient, who is receiving biologic treatment, which may help make self-injecting your biologic medication more comfortable for you.

Your healthcare professional should show you how to prepare and inject your treatment. Do not inject yourself or someone else until you have been shown how to inject the right way.

Things to remember:

  • All of your feelings are valid; allow yourself to feel them
  • Not every injection will be the same; a painful one does not mean the next will be
  • Frame the injection in your mind as something which helps you, not harms you
  • Be gentle with yourself and take all the time you need

Non-Biologic Treatments

Not every patient will be prescribed a biologic medication. Click here for more information about other psoriasis treatments.

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