Staying Safe with Epilepsy

If your seizures are controlled, then you may not need to worry about your seizures or the impact on your day to day life. But seizures can cause you or other people around you harm and so you may need to take additional steps to make sure you are not in danger.

Staying safe at home:

Staying safe
  • Use guards on heaters and radiators
  • Install smoke detectors to beep if food is burning or if you sometimes forget what you are doing or have seizures that cause you to lose awareness
  • Cover any furniture edges or corners that are sharp or stick out
  • Have a shower instead of a bath
  • Do not lock the bathroom door
  • Put pans on the back burners and with the handles turned away from the edge of the cooker

Sports and leisure time

Most people will be able to carry on with sport or leisure activities as normal, although if their seizures are not well controlled there are some precautions they may want to take.

Alcohol and epilepsy

For some people alcohol can be a trigger for an epileptic seizure. Having a hangover or a poor night's sleep following a night out could also lead to a seizure. This does not mean that you cannot go out and enjoy alcohol, you just need to make sure it is in moderation and that you are aware of and stick to your limits.